All I want for Christmas is. . .some In Ear Monitors!

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This past week I was able to get a demo set of some in-ear monitors (IEMs) and thought I would do a little review for them.

1964Ears have a demo program where you send a deposit and can try out your choice of IEMs for 2 weeks. When they receive the demo unit back you get your deposit back so all you are out money wise is shipping. The IEMs that I chose were the 1964Ears Qi IEMs. The problem is that now that I have actually used these IEMs, I don’t want to send them back!

The sound is amazingly crystal clear. I can’t imagine what the sound would be like with actual custom molds. They came with small medium and large foam ear pads. The seal obviously isn’t as good as the custom molds, but it still creates a great seal that gives very clear sound to the ear. These particular IEMs have quad drivers. What that means is each earpiece has four balanced armature drivers (2 low, 1 mid, and 1 high) whereas a regular earbud would only have 1 driver that usually focuses on mids. This gives the IEMs amazing lows, but still is able to keep the mids and highs crisp and clear. 

When I used these with our Aviom monitor system, I was able to turn down the master volume and turn more things up. With my regular earbuds I have to have the volume cranked to be able to hear the different mixes. With the IEMs the Bass, drums, keys, and guitar now don’t distort and are very clear. I’m excited that I will be using these for our Christmas program this weekend, but sadly I have to send them back next week.

IEMs are very expensive, but are a great investment especially for stage musicians. These particular IEMs cost $549. It is cool that 1964Ears does a demo program so you can “try out” before investing. For all my musician friends I would highly recommend checking out and looking into their demo program. They also have a Facebook page here:

That being said. . Right now I can’t afford IEMs, but I sure know what I want for Christmas. . . . (I can have a wish list can’t I?) 


~ by blitzz5 on December 15, 2014.

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